Mohit Jain

Jobs didn’t make much money through Apple. Surprising right?

The founder of the most valuable company in the world, one who built and showed the direction to Apple, had only kept a single share of Apple after he resigned ’85. Se sold the rest of his holdings, today valued at around $400 billion.

When he joined back again in ’96, he was offered an extremely generous stock options package, which grew to about 5.5Mil Apple shares in 2011.

Surprisingly though, Jobs made his billions through a majority interest in Pixar, the animation studio.

Jobs made his first billion dollars with Pixar’s IPO in 1995 and when he sold Pixar to Disney in 2006, it made him the largest individual shareholder in Disney with a 7% holding.

Over 3/4th of his wealth came from Disney and the rest from Apple.